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Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant


Sal Ciaccio, original founder of Goodfella’s Pizzeria, was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Ridgewood Queens. Sal’s Mamma Maria and Papa Giovanni are originally from Sicily, Italy and they moved to the United States in 1970. Sal is part of the first Ciaccio generation born in the U.S. The Ciaccio family moved from Queens to Deltona when Sal was in his teens.

Sal’s passion for cooking came from his older brother and mentor, Cologero “Charlie.” He and his brother worked in various pizzerias and restaurants in the Deltona area, and at a very young age, he was part owner of a local pizzeria in Deltona. In 1996, Sal sold his pizzeria in Deltona and set his sights on the upcoming East Orlando area. In 1998, Sal opened Goodfella’s Pizzeria of Orlando.

It was in Orlando where he met his wife, Caitlin, while she was a student at UCF. They married in 2003 and together strived to make Goodfella’s of Orlando one of the most successful pizzerias in central Florida. They now have two beautiful children and recently moved back to Deltona to be closer to family.

Since opening in 2010, Goodfella’s of DeBary has continued to thrive thanks to its amazing staff and loyal customers. Family is everything to both Sal and Caitlin. Not wanting to sacrifice family time, they knew the time had come to sell their mother store, Goodfella’s of Orlando, in order to focus on their flourishing DeBary location. Working side-by-side, Sal and Caitlin promise to deliver quality food, over-the-top service and a true neighborhood restaurant.