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If you are looking for a wine that tastes good, tells a story and makes you happy…look no more!  Goodfella’s of DeBary is featuring a new brand of wine from the Varvaglione family –  Negroamaro del Salento is a traditionally made sustainable wine, produced with a modern approach.  The wine is made from the Negroamaro grape, a varietal of remote origins which has been grown in southern Puglia since the 6th century B.C.  The grapes are harvested strictly by hand, selecting the bunches carefully and subjecting them to a traditional infusion & fermentation process.  Just 12.5% alcohol, so a nice lunchtime bottle – with perfectly balanced spicy, wild berry and cherry fruit character, this is exactly what little known Italian reds should taste like, and an example of how Italy makes the most food friendly, best value wines anywhere in the world!
Tasting Notes – Ruby red with shades of purple; the nose has fascinating scents of wild berries. The palate is marked by vanilla with a long lingering finish and a velvety texture.
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