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Capo d’Orlando

Orlando is a car ride away from Goodfella’s here in Debary, but it’s not the only place with the name Orlando.

There is, in fact, a town in northeastern Sicily called Capo d’Orlando. It is now well renowned for its coastal landscapes, a view of the Aeolian Islands on the horizon, and spectacular sunsets.

photo by Erm67, via Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0.

Unlike many of the cities and towns in Italy, Capo d’Orlando does not have a history reaching into ancient times. The area was largely unsettled throughout written history, apart from a tiny fishing village. The ancient city of Agythrnum might have been located somewhere in the area, but academics still debate the subject today.

As far as we know, Capo d’Orlando didn’t begin its modern rise to prominence until the 1920s, when the village was elevated to the status of a comune and a train station was built. Over the following decades, Capo d’Orlando grew into the tourist center it remains today. Travelers enjoy the beautiful coastline views on one side of the town and the majestic Nebrodi Mountains on the other.
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