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The Popularity of Italian Cuisine

It’s certainly true that Italian cuisine has become increasingly popular in the Western world in the last several decades. Why is that, exactly?

Some Americans attribute it to the immigration of Italians over the last century or so. Others talk about how most ingredients in Italian cuisine are relatively inexpensive and easy to find in the marketplace. Those of us who prefer a simple answer suggest that Italian cuisine is delicious and is therefore popular.

We think all of these answers are true. For us at Goodfellas, however, Italian cuisine makes us think of cooking for our family. Culinary skills are a good thing, and using them with love to create a delicious meal for the whole family to enjoy is the main reason we love to cook. When you visit us at Goodfellas, we will feed your family as if you’re our family. That’s how we want to earn our own popularity!
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  1. Orlando Clemente Reply

    Hello, my name is Orlando.I love Italian cooking. I find it to be very exciting and satisfying.My parents are from Puerto Rico and came to the states in the 1950’s. My mother and sister are incredible cooks. I love the satisfying flavors in their latin style of cooking, but for whatever reason I took to cooking Italian fare and love to shop at Italian markets when I can. I love a great meal at an authentic Italian restaurant especially when I can end the meal with grappa! I love what you are doing. I wish you had a restaurant in NYC as well.

  2. Heaven Reply

    It’s wouderfnl to have you on our side, haha!

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